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Internal Control

Practice 13: Internal Control

Pre-empt losses through the disciplined use of checks and balances. Serve as a standard-bearer for impeccable corporate ethics.


Internal controls are the checks and balances you build into your operating procedures to catch mistakes before they happen. There are many types of internal controls. Each is intended to fend off an area of risk that could threaten your business. The One Stop LeaderShop management training program begins with a primer on the common risks faced by most businesses. We’ll also introduce some sample internal controls. Finally, we’ll talk about regulatory compliance which is the bedrock of your Internal Control Practice.

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Internal Control is included under the One Stop LeaderShop mega-heading Risk Management. You might also be interested in learning Practice 14: Business Continuity. Be sure to check out the One Stop LeaderShop Workbook. This CD-ROM contains all of the forms and spreadsheets referenced in all 14 One Stop LeaderShop Practices. Put your learning into practice right away!


Risk Management Combination Pack (Paperback Edition)

This convenient paperback edition contains One Stop LeaderShop Practice 13: Internal Control and Practice 14: Business Continuity. Whether business operations is your final destination, or a stopover on your journey elsewhere, risk management will be a required capability no matter where you land.


Why Do You Need an Internal Control Practice?

Smart managers are not the victims of potential risk.They are the champions of risk management. People do make mistakes, but there is plenty you can do to lower the odds.