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Leadership Principles

One Stop LeaderShop Manager Training Program PrinciplesThe following leadership principles are threaded throughout the instruction in the One Stop LeaderShop manager training program. We continually remind our students to exemplify these values in all of their judgments, decisions, words and actions.


Leaders model the highest moral standards in their behavior, upholding rigorous definitions of right and wrong. A leader earns a reputation for honesty, integrity, and fair dealing. He/she is guided by conscience and avoids even the appearance of impropriety.


Leaders determine corporate priorities and they inspire the enrollment of others. Leaders integrate the company’s vision into their daily activities, continually reaffirming and renewing it. They anticipate change and respond enthusiastically.


Leaders inform, influence, teach, and persuade. They create an environment that encourages the open and honest exchange of information, ideas, and beliefs.

Valuing People

Leaders treat others with respect and dignity. They value diversity in people, experiences, and perspectives. Leaders advocate for their employees and win their trust.

Judgment / Resourcefulness

Leaders render solutions and remove barriers. They have a track record of outcomes that benefit the company.


What is One Stop LeaderShop?

The One Stop LeaderShop manager training program teaches the five leadership principles and fourteen business practices every manager needs to know. We show managers how to drive exceptional performance on-the-job.  Learn more.