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Meaningful Metrics

Practice 7: Meaningful Metrics

Manage the metrics that matter in your relentless pursuit of customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, and stakeholder value.


One of the most marketable credentials for any manager is the proven ability to drive performance. Your success as a manager will depend on your ability to define meaningful metrics, capture performance data, interpret results and take appropriate action for the benefit of the company. The One Stop LeaderShop manager training program will guide you through the process. We’ll also give you a set of beginner, advanced and supercharged metrics to help you get started.

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Meaningful Metrics is included under the One Stop LeaderShop mega-heading Processing Effectiveness. You might also be interested in learning Practice 8: Continuous Improvement. Be sure to check out the One Stop LeaderShop Workbook. This CD-ROM contains all of the forms and spreadsheets referenced in all 14 One Stop LeaderShop Practices. Put your learning into practice right away!


Processing EffectivenessCombination Pack (Paperback Edition)

This convenient paperback edition contains One Stop LeaderShop Practice 7: Meaningful Metrics and Practice 8: Continuous Improvement. Find out if your team can work better, cheaper or faster.


Why Do You Need a Meaningful Metrics Practice?

It’s not enough to talk about great performance; you need to prove it. Today’s executives are highly skilled at running their business by-the-numbers, so be prepared.