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Project Delivery

Practice 9: Project Delivery

Prioritize your project pipeline and continually test it for strategic fit. Establish a track record for on-time, on-budget project delivery. Minimize risk. Sustain results.


Project delivery is an essential skill for every contemporary manager, and it is certainly a key element of the One Stop LeaderShop program. To be clear, this is not a lesson in project management. Project management is the science of designing and executing a project plan—a job that skilled project managers are trained to perform. Instead, this Project Delivery Practice is a guidepost for managers who oversee an entire pipeline of projects. Project delivery is a strategic imperative where, as a manager of business operations, you play the leading role. The One Stop LeaderShop manager training program will sketch the life cycle of a typical project, and we’ll show you the important work you need to do during each critical phase.

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Project Delivery (Paperback Edition)

This convenient paperback edition contains One Stop LeaderShop Practice 9: Project Delivery.  Develop a discipline for managing change.


Why Do You Need a Project Delivery Practice?

Change – even the smallest change – is risky. You will need a change management process.