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Service Quality

Practice 2: Service Quality

Create a service model where the needs of your customers come first. Establish inviolable standards for customer-facing behavior. Make sure that service opportunities are identified and quickly addressed.


The most essential capability in any organization is outstanding service delivery. The One Stop LeaderShop manager training program will help you create a service culture that honors your customers.

Every employee plays a part in service delivery and everyone is responsible for service quality. You and your employees will start our customer service training by defining your service guarantee. Then you’ll create your customer-facing image. Next you’ll set targets for accuracy, productivity and responsiveness. Finally, we’ll show you how to measure progress and celebrate success.

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Service Quality is included under the One Stop LeaderShop mega-heading Business Partnership.  You might also be interested in learning Practice 1: Strategic Planning.  Be sure to check out the One Stop LeaderShop Workbook. This CD-ROM contains all of the forms and spreadsheets referenced in all 14 One Stop LeaderShop Practices.  Put your learning into practice right away!


Business PartnershipCombination Pack (Paperback Edition)

This convenient paperback edition contains One Stop LeaderShop Practice 1: Strategic Planning and Practice 2: Service Quality. Do these two things well and you will quickly win the respect of your colleagues!


Why Do You Need a Service Quality Practice?

Service Quality defines your public image. It shapes customer opinion and drives a customer’s decision to buy your products and services—or not!