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Strategic Planning

Practice 1: Strategic Planning

Engage your business partners in a forward-thinking study of markets, customer preferences, and industry trends.  Build capabilities in your operating units that are fully aligned with your company’s top priorities.


The goal of strategic planning is to focus on your company’s top priorities and direct all effort there. The One Stop LeaderShop manager training program provides an easy-to-use strategic planning template. You’ll start by researching industry and technology trends. Then we’ll help you gather a list of business priorities. Next, you’ll determine what capabilities you will need for the future and compare them to your capabilities today. Finally, you’ll design a plan to fill any gaps.  We’ll show you how strategies translate to individual (actionable!) goals. Everyone on your team will get involved. Everyone will know where your company is going, how it is doing and how they fit in.

Download a FREE preview from Practice 1: Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is included under the One Stop LeaderShop mega-heading Business Partnership.  You might also be interested in Practice 2: Service Quality. Be sure to check out the One Stop LeaderShop Workbook. This CD-ROM contains all of the forms and spreadsheets referenced in all 14 One Stop LeaderShop Practices. Put your learning into practice right away!


Business Partnership Combination Pack (Paperback Edition)

This convenient paperback edition contains One Stop LeaderShop Practice 1: Strategic Planning and Practice 2: Service Quality. Do these two things well an dyou will quickly win the respect of your colleagues.


Why Do You Need a Strategic Planning Practice?

Strategic Planning will help you get connected and stay connected to your company’s forward movement.