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Leadership Training and Development

The 14 essential skills for managing business operations.

Managing is hard. It’s not enough to be subject matter expert in your industry. Today’s manager is a strategic planner, a service quality coach, a statistician, a budgeter, a process engineer; he/she needs expertise in everything from human resources to compliance to procurement and beyond. The big challenge is building capabilities. You can’t do it alone. Help is on the way.

Our Clients -  ManagersThe One Stop LeaderShop manager training program is a well-rounded framework of five leadership principles and fourteen business practices for managing business operations. It is a new way of doing business that will harness the power of your entire team. You will have the tools to train other managers.  You will engage every member of your team. Everyone will know where the company is going, how it is doing, and how they fit in. Together, you’ll deliver the business results that matter most to today’s customers, employees and stakeholders. You’ll increase revenue and decrease cost; and, as an added bonus, you’ll make your company a great place to work!


Preview: One Stop LeaderShop Introduction

Not long ago, particularly in business operations, much fuss was made about the difference between a manager and a leader.  Managers suddenly found themselves lost in a swirl of leadership theory, feeling pressured to deliver something different on the job.  But what?  Leaders, it was thought, were great thinkers while managers were proficient in process.  Leaders gave strategic direction while managers supervised daily production. Leaders drove the customer-facing business while managers provided business support. Here’s the big reveal:  There is no distinction any more. Call yourself a leader or a manager. In today’s workplace, successful people are renowned equally for their visionary prowess and their flawless execution. The One Stop LeaderShop guidebook is your primer in both.